Production capacity and
non-negotiable quality

As suppliers of different systems, we are agile and constantly share information and ideas in order to achieve innovative solutions. From the most basic functions that guarantee a safe and efficient driving, to the comfort and connection of the user with the rest of the world.

Design, engineering and prototyping

Our engineers have at their disposal all the available advanced design and analysis tools to design complex systems.

Our agile prototyping process gives clients the assurance of fit and function into their production lines.


In order to guarantee the highest quality, 100% of Cablerías' production is subjected to rigorous testing procedures, set for each project.

Our laboratories validate the designs of new projects whilst evaluating their performance and materials, both in specific customer tests and surpassing industry standards.

AENOR 14001 AENOR 16949 AENOR 16949 AENOR 9001 IQNET
AENOR 16949 AENOR 16949 AENOR 9001 IQNET
AENOR 14001 AENOR 16949 AENOR 16949 AENOR 9001 AENOR 9001 IQNET


Our systems are manufactured with the most advanced equipment and tracking processes. This technology allows guaranteeing every piece that leaves our production centres and introducing the possibility of modifications and continuous improvement through lean processes.

Manufacturing technologies

  • Automatic cable cutting and crimping
  • Terminal ultrasonic welding
  • Isolation displacement
  • Wire twisting
  • PCB welding
  • Assembly lines
  • Electrical checking
  • Sealing verification
  • Subsets already assembled of electrical wiring with plastic parts
  • Mechanical crimping
  • Automatic coaxial cable cutting and stripping
  • Automatic unitary seals positioning
  • Ultrasonic conforming of cable ends
  • Splice ultrasonic welding
  • Thermo-shrinkable sealing sleeve installation
  • Cable ends tinning
  • Components with highly innovative plastic compounds
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Esta empresa participa en el Programa Re-Acciona, cuyo resultado es favorecer el crecimiento y consolidación de las Pymes, mejorando su financiación, tecnología y acceso a servicios de apoyo avanzados
Operación cofinanciada por la Unión Europea
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